We comment on Arizona’s approach to counting (or not counting) students

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In a recent interview published by Education Week as part of its coverage of ESSA implementation plans, UnidosUS expresses concern about Arizona’s proposal to attach different weight to student test scores, depending on how long a student has been in a particular school. This could have a disparate impact on transient students, many from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Arizona’s plan would also allow schools to exclude the test scores of students enrolled for a portion of the year, allowing student performance to go uncounted.

“It is concerning that there is a weight based on time in school and that students could potentially count less if they are enrolled in school for a shorter time,” said Callie Kozlak, UnidosUS Field Campaign Manager. “This could potentially have a disparate impact on disadvantaged students who move during the school year due to extenuating circumstances.”

You can read the full article here.



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